Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lili's other thought of the day

When one goes to a party, and the women are chattering together animatedly at one end of the room and the menfolk are discussing technical issues or other serious matters down at the other end of the room, I hate that for two reasons. Firstly, there is no place for me in such a gathering, as the women's business bores me to tears, but if I should stray to the wrong end of the room for my gender, the womenfolk could well start giving me the evil eye, as they will assume I am out to make myself too popular with the husbands.

The other reason why I hate this is what it seems to reveal about heterosexual relationships. The men are so happy in their manly world, sharing manly interests such as machines, technology, politics and work with their man friends. The ladies seem to be even more delighted to dwell within the world of womanly interests such as people, kids, babies, workplace gossip, social gossip, home renovations and cooking with their female friends. This is the vast nation in which Oprah is the queen. So one has to start wondering, in this horribly polarized world, what holds these marriages together? It surely couldn't be shared interests. What do these couples discuss when they are alone together? Nothing very interesting one would think. Is there really much more to these marriages than shared commitments and jiggy-jiggy? No? I think that would be pretty lame.


krex said...

This is why I would often find myself crouching near the book self until I found something worth reading . I came for the beer and found everyone became more tolerable after 3-6 beers,probably why most social gatherings revolve around alcohol .

As to couples....I don't admit this much but people bore me in general, even the ones I like so my relationships revolves around someone who doesn't try and change me and gives me plenty of time by, someone to share rent and bills without making you throw things....harder to find then you might think . (I got lucky to find another spectrumite .)

Lili Marlene said...

If socializing is such a joy, as everyone is telling us it is, why do so many people need to have a skinful before they can face the company of others?

Justthisguy said...

M'self, I often need a snootful, as we say in America, to face the company of others. Sometimes I need to get a bit drunk even to communicate with people on the internet. I think that may be not so much autistic as it is very introverted. It must really suck to be an autistic extravert; I imagine that if one is such he gets into trouble all the time with policemen and schoolteachers and suchlike people.