Friday, February 25, 2011

Two Lane Blacktop movie on the box tonight

Tonight ABC2 will be broadcasting an old movie that inspired the name of a NZ rock band that had the famous autistic musician Pip Brown, now known as Ladyhawke, and formerly known as Lux Curfew, as a member. The name of the movie is Two Lane Blacktop and it is a US-made 70s cult classic road movie. If this is a favourite movie of Brown's I'd say she's not your typical young lady. It doesn't sound much like a "rom-com" or a "chick-flick".

An old quote from "Lux Curfew":

"Movies give us a wealth of material to draw inspiration from, evoke emotion and basically let us write great songs without any need for personal feelings and stories of love and loves lost etc. We like to think of our songs as something of an alternate soundtrack to the movies we choose."

Quote taken from this old interview published at NZ Musician:

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