Saturday, March 26, 2011

Manne essay on Assange free to read and another WikiLeaks doco coming up on the box

Aussie Assangophiles and leak-watchers take note: the "film" WikiLeaks: war, lies and videotape will be broadcast this Wednesday evening, March 30th 2011, at 8.30pm on ABC2 on Australian television.

This weekend I've been reading Robert Manne's essay about Julian Assange in the latest Monthly, which was apparently described by Assange himself on Twitter as the best article about him, which then caused a wave of demand that crashed the website of the Australian The Monthly magazine. The essay can be read (it appears in full with comments) at the website of The Monthly, including revisions made "in light of a lengthy email exchange initiated by Julian Assange".

The cypherpunk revolutionary: Robert Manne on Julian Assange.

by Robert Manne
Monthly. March 2011. p.16-35.

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