Wednesday, March 09, 2011

At last - some much-needed brain scan research into a terrible disorder

At last! Neurotypical Disorder is being taken seriously. This devastating disorder which transforms people into sheeple has been the subject of a number of interesting, and frightening research studies. I thank my lucky stars that I have been fortunate enough to inherit a synaesthesia/AS genome that puts me at a much decreased risk for developing this mind-distorting mental impairment. Ufortunately the magazine article below is mostly behind a paywall.

Following the herd actually shifts your opinion
Ferris Jabr
New ScientistMarch 4th 2011

I've found another story about a research study that is old (from 2009) but is a nice complement to the above story. It outlines a study of social conformity that used brain scan technology. The study was apparently published in the science journal Neuron.

Why so many minds think alike.
Elizabeth Landau
January 15th 2009

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