Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lili's epic thoughts - I've had another one

Back in 2007 I had an insight into what I believe is the genetic process that gives rise to at least one type of autism, when I noticed a pattern and also learned of the biological concept that unites all of the items in that pattern. I'm not going to be any more specific about my insight than this, because I do not want the world of science to understand what causes autism, because I do not wish for a "cure" or prevention to be discovered, so I am forced to keep my insights to myself.

I've recently had another insight which I think might be an important clue about the origin of another brand of autism, after considering an interesting incidental finding discovered during the process of the medical investigation of an autistic person, and then considering that observation along-side information that I know about an inborn abnormality of a famous autistic person which I recall from reading a biography. The thing that really excites me about this latest insight is that it involves a system of the body that to my knowledge has never before been linked to autism in any way, which is saying something, because just about every system in the human body has been the subject of some quack theory about what causes autism. What can I say? I can say nothing more, because this is a piece of knowledge that could be used in the worst way. Sorry.

Lili Marlene discovers the cause of autism in between bringing the laundry in off the line and washing some dishes (2007)


r.b. said...

My notion is that it is a neurological difference, like handedness. A yin/yang notion to match neurotypicalness and make sure the world progresses insteaad of sitting around in meetings and visiting all day. You can't be severely autistic any more than you can be severely neurotypical. It's just a difference, but like handedness, because it is a minority, it is SINISTER!!!! EVIL!!!!! JUST WRONG!!!!! and must be changed.

I do not mean to dispirit parents whose children are unable to function in a manner that gives them any sort of independence. The developmental trajectory is the same. My son had the same issues when he was younger, but has assimulated somewhat. He was not a typical child.

I look at a lot of experiments and think, "What a dumb bunny" even though they may be brilliant in their field. It's like they can't see the forest for the trees. I used to try to figure it out, but you know they are just guessing, just grabbing at straws and getting paid for it. Put "autism" in your grant proposal, and up your chances by 500%!

I think the answer is really very simple, but researchers can't see it. Neither can I, but I don't get paid.

Lili Marlene said...

" Put "autism" in your grant proposal, and up your chances by 500%!"

It is amazing what an incentive for bias and corruption in science this funding is.