Friday, March 18, 2011

What kinda gal is Lady Gaga?

We already know that the amazing and highly creative "fame monster" Lady Gaga is a synaesthete, based on her comment in an interview about the way she experiences one of her songs as having a colour. I was recently taking a look at the February 2011 story about Lady Gaga from the US 60 Minutes TV show, and it looks like she was a bit of a social misfit and a victim of bullying during her high school days. She doesn't exactly blend into the crowd these days either. For sure she is an unusual lady. You might like to take a look at what is said at around 9.55 minutes into the video of the 60 Minutes story.

Lady Gaga & The Art of Fame
interviewer Anderson Cooper
60 Minutes (US)
February 13, 2011;contentBody

This is the YouTube video in which Lady Gaga mentioned her coloured music at around 2.20 minutes into the clip during an interview in Singapore.

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