Wednesday, March 02, 2011

If you want to pick up someone who isn't rubbish, pick up some rubbish

No one ever asks for my advice, or even listens to it, but that doesn't mean I know nothing. I've often thought that a single person who is hoping to meet someone nice should think carefully about where they look for a suitable partner. Is a pub or a nightclub a good place to look for love? I don't think so, those places are full of trashy types. How about looking for love online? Seasoned psychopaths hunt for victims online, forget that!

You don't need to be a genius to figure out that if one wishes to meet a nice person, the smart strategy would be to hang out where nice people would hang out. Volunteer work is a nice thing to do. Nice people volunteer. So do some volunteer work, and you might meet someone nice! I've found that an especially worthwhile type of person turns up to events that involve volunteer or lowly-paid hands-on work to clean up or improve the natural environment. Intelligent people appreciate natural bushland and wild places, and altruists do volunteering. People who turn up to hands-on type work voluntarily are either hard-working or fit or genuinely trying to get fit. They sound like a tip-top bunch of humans, don't they? This Sunday March 6th 2011 is Clean Up Australia Day. You will need to bring your own gardening gloves, hat, water and sunscreen. I hope you get lucky.

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